Sentence Examples

  • A peculiarity of the Rif dialect is the change of the Arabic "1" to "r," and this would seem to support this derivation, "b" and "f" being interchangeable through "v."
  • During the Carolingian epoch, indeed, advocatus and vice-dominus were interchangeable terms; and it was only in the 11th century rthat they became generally differentiated: the title of avoue being commonly reserved for nobles charged with the protection of an abbey, that of vidame for those guarding an episcopal see.
  • By the latter part of the 16th century the terms Sodor and Man had become interchangeable, the bishopric being spoken of as that of Sodor or Man.
  • This cipher alphabet is called Albam, from the first interchangeable pairs.
  • If an element be present in a compound otherwise than as an ion, it is not interchangeable, and cannot be recognized by the usual tests.

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