Sentence Examples

  • A reversible level d rests on the accurately turned pivots of this axis.
  • (6) If we apply the second law, regarding the couple as a reversible engine, and considering only the reversible effects, we obtain (s' - s")/T = - d(P/T)/dT.
  • The analogous reversible heat effects which occur at the junction of a metal and an electrolyte were also investigated by Jahn, but he did not succeed in obtaining so complete an agreement with theory in this case.
  • Another type exists in Rhea and in the Anseriformes, greatly specialized by being spirally twisted and partly reversible like the finger of a glove.
  • A comparison of the transformation of polymorphs leads to a twofold classification: (1) polymorphs directly convertible in a reversible manner - termed " enantiotropic " by O.