Sentence Examples

  • A reversible level d rests on the accurately turned pivots of this axis.
  • (6) If we apply the second law, regarding the couple as a reversible engine, and considering only the reversible effects, we obtain (s' - s")/T = - d(P/T)/dT.
  • If the change is not reversible, but the final state is the same, the change of entropy, do, is the same, but it is no longer equal to dII/B.
  • - In order that a process may be strictly reversible, it is necessary that the state of the working substance should be one of equilibrium at uniform pressure and temperature throughout.
  • A very important evolutionary principle is that in such secondary returns to primary phases lost organs are never recovered, but new organs are acquired; hence the force of Dollo's dictum that evolution is irreversible from the point of view of structure, while frequently reversible, or recurrent, in point of view of the conditions of environment and adaptation.