Sentence Examples

  • "There isn't a roof—it's a convertible," he muttered, as he turned his back to her.
  • He admits in the sacred writings as in the classics only one acceptation, and that the grammatical, convertible into and the same with the logical and historical.
  • Thus a typical plan—say, for getting a 1968 Olds 98 convertible from a field in the country to Jason's driveway—ended up involving hitchhiking, a rusty boat trailer, and car jacks perilously placed atop stacks of bricks.
  • I remember in autumn of '87 thinking it was perfectly reasonable to take the red 1964 Corvair convertible for a test drive, despite its lack of functioning brakes.
  • Besides, it was very convenient on an excursion; much better than those garden-chairs which are convertible into walking-sticks; upon occasion, a chief calling his attendant, and desiring him to make a settee of himself under a spreading tree, perhaps in some damp marshy place.

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