Sentence Examples

  • - Bessemer Converter, of molten pig iron, which turned down in position to receive sometimes weighs as much and discharge the molten metal.
  • In America the usual method is to roast ores or concentrates so that the matte yielded by either the reverberatory or cupola furnace will run from 45 to 50% in copper, and then to transfer to the Bessemer converter, which blows it up to 99%.
  • The only practical mode of doing this, as yet devised, is by lining the converter with a silicious mixture.
  • The other items of cost are labour, the quantity of which depends on the mechanical appliances provided for handling the converter shells and inserting the lining; and the blast, which in barrel-shaped converters is low and in vertical converters is high, and which varies therefore from 3 to is lb to the square inch.
  • The quantity of air consumed in a converter which will blow up about 35 tons of matte per day is about 3000 cub.

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