Sentence Examples

  • - Bessemer Converter, of molten pig iron, which turned down in position to receive sometimes weighs as much and discharge the molten metal.
  • 16, so that the blast, which has been let on just before this, entering through the great number of tuyere holes in the bottom, forces its way up through the relatively shallow layer of iron, throwing it up within the converter as a boiling foam, and oxidizing the foreign elements so rapidly that in some cases their removal is complete after 5 minutes.
  • In carrying out the acid Bessemer process, the converter, preheated to about 1200 0 C. by burning coke in it, is turned into the position shown in fig.
  • The converter is then turned upright into the position shown in fig.
  • The oxygen of the blast having been thus taken up by the molten metal, its nitrogen issues from the mouth of the converter as a pale spark-bearing cone.