Sentence Examples

  • The old dairy would be converted into a bunkhouse, adding more room.
  • She rolled over and smoothly converted to a backstroke in the opposite direction.
  • Pictet and P. Crepieux (Comptes rendus, 1903, 137, p. 860) and Pictet and Rotschy (Ber., 1904, 37, p. 1225):, -aminopyridine is converted into its mucate, which by dry distillation gives N-13-pyridylpyrrol.
  • According to Agathangelus, Tiridates went to Rome with Gregory, Aristaces, son of Gregory, and Albianos, head of the other priestly family, to make a pact with Constantine, newly converted to the faith, and receive a pallium from Silvester.
  • His family, however, seem to have been converted to Christianity.