Sentence Examples

  • While still an undergraduate he formed a league with John Herschel and Charles Babbage, to conduct the famous struggle of "d-ism versus dot-age," which ended in the introduction into Cambridge of the continental notation in the infinitesimal calculus to the exclusion of the fluxional notation of Sir Isaac Newton.
  • When Ferdinand returned to Naples in 1815 he found the kingdom, and especially the army, honeycombed with CarbonarQevolu- ism, to which many noblemen and officers were tiot, if, affiliated; and although the police instituted prosecuNaples, tions and organized the counter-movement of the 1820.
  • An organ.ism the conditions of whose life render locomotion impossible great elaboration would seem superfluous.
  • Before the rise of Neoplaton ism proper we meet with various mystical or semimystical expressions of the same religious craving.
  • Of tion to observe the whole of the Mosaic law,"and" outran the Old Testament monotheism by a barren monarchian.- ism that denied the divinity of Christ "(Kurtz, Church History, i.

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