Sentence Examples

  • `Ali created Mahomet, who is known as the Ism (" Name"), and a trinity is formed by the addition of Salman ul-Farisi, who is the Bab (" Door"), through whom the propaganda is made, and through whom one comes to God.
  • As Malcolm remarks, the very essence of Sufi-ism is poetry.
  • Year by year Republican- the budget showed a deficit, and the indebtedness ism and of the state increased.
  • While still an undergraduate he formed a league with John Herschel and Charles Babbage, to conduct the famous struggle of "d-ism versus dot-age," which ended in the introduction into Cambridge of the continental notation in the infinitesimal calculus to the exclusion of the fluxional notation of Sir Isaac Newton.
  • An organ.ism the conditions of whose life render locomotion impossible great elaboration would seem superfluous.