Sentence Examples

  • Had become so obnoxious to the Czechs that his removal would be regarded by them as a concession, his resignation was suddenly accepted by the emperor, and, on the ist of January 1905, a former premier, Baron von Gautsch, was appointed in his stead.
  • Canada suggested a wider plan to include herself and, in October 1864, a conference was held at Quebec. The conference outlined a plan of federation which subsequently, with slight modifications, passed the imperial parliament as " The British North America Act," and on the ist of July 1867, the Dominion of Canada came into existence.
  • In order, therefore, to find the year of Christ corresponding to any given year in the era of Constantinople, we have the following rule: If the event took place between the 1st of January and the end of August subtract 5508 from the given year; but if it happened between the ist of September and the end of the year, subtract 5509.
  • Still intent upon the Russian Port Arthur squadron, she had embarked her 2nd Army (General Oku, ist, 3rd, Landing 4th and 5th divisions) during April, and sent it to of the Chinampo whence, as soon as the ice melted and Japanese Kuroki's victory cleared the air, it sailed to the 2nd selected landing-place near Pitszewo.
  • On the ist and 2nd of October 1860 a battle was fought on the Volturno victor between 20,000 Garibaldians, many of them raw levies, and 35,000 Bourbon troops, and although at first a Garibaldian division under Tiirr was repulsed, Garibaldi himself arrived in time to turn defeat into victory..