Sentence Examples

  • Indeed, the evidences, so far as they have been examined, appear to warrant the conclusion that the region of the western Tian-shan, from Lake Issyk-kul southwards, was in great part the scene of probably five successive glacial periods, each being less severe than the period which immediately preceded it.
  • After great suffering Hsiian Tsang reached Igu, the seat of a Turkish principality, and pursued his way along the southern foot of the T'ian-shan, which he crossed by a glacier pass (vividly described) in the longitude of Lake Issyk-kul.
  • From Issyk-kul there is a sharp rise of6000-9000ft.
  • This last is continued without a break past the western end of Issyk-kul, being directly prolonged by the Alexander Mountains, although parted from them by the gorge of Buam or Bom, through which the Issyk-kul probably once drained.
  • It forms the barrier between the Issyk-kul and Balkash lakes, the elevation of which is about 5000 ft.