Sentence Examples

  • That includes data you voluntarily provide so that machines make better suggestions, data it learns about you based on its prior interactions with you, and public data taken from the Internet (your age, for instance).
  • Deidre had no bad interactions with the death dealer, but she suspected anyone who betrayed Gabriel wouldn't be interested in helping her.
  • If material systems are constituted of discrete atoms, separated from each other by many times the diameter of any of them, this simple plan of exhibiting their interactions in terms of direct forces between them would indeed be exact enough to apply to a wide range of questions, provided we could be certain that the laws of the forces depended only on the positions and not also on the motions of the atoms. The most important example of its successful application has been the theory of capillary action elaborated by P. S.
  • In between her interactions with people and the spotlight, she watched the world with worry and thoughtfulness.
  • We recognize an atom only through its physical activities, as manifested in its interactions with other atoms at a distance from it; this field of physical activity would be identical with the surrounding field of aethereal motion or strain that is inseparably associated with the nucleus, and is carried on along with it as it moves.