Sentence Examples

  • - At the end of 1910 the Russian revolution, which seemed at one time to promise an overturn as complete as that of the ancien regime in France, would seem to have entered on a path of orderly and conservative development, and it is possible, now that the smoke of combat has cleared away, to form some estimate of the forces through the interplay of which this result has been achieved.
  • In modern problems we can watch the economic machine actually at work, cross-examine our witnesses, see that delicate interplay of passions and interests which cannot be set down or described in a document, and acquire a certain sense of touch in relation to the questions at issue which manuscripts and records cannot impart.
  • The interplay of extrinsic and intrinsic factors also differs with the age of the organism affected: the more nearly adult it may be, the more direct appears to be the influence of the environment; the more nearly embryonic the organism may be, the less direct is the result of a force impressed from without.
  • The great dogmas of the Christian Church were shaped by the interplay of the subtle wits of the theologians of the Oriental Churches.
  • The subtle interplay of everything involved in nutrition is vastly more complex than our minds are able to handle.

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