Sentence Examples

  • In intermediate cases the intensities of the two beams are proportional to the squares of the cosines of the angles that the principal plane of the second rhomb makes with the positions in which they have the greatest intensity.
  • The intensities of the incident, reflected and refracted streams are then measured in the same way, and we have merely to express that the square of the amplitude of the incident vibrations is equal to the sum of the squares of the amplitudes of the reflected and refracted vibrations.
  • Franz Neumann and James MacCullagh, starting from the opposite assumption of constant density and different elasticities, arrived at the same formulae for the intensities of the reflected light polarized in the principal azimuths, but in this case the vibrations must be regarded as parallel to the plane of polarization.
  • Half-shade analysers depend upon the facility with which the eye can distinguish slight differences in the intensities of two streams seen in juxtaposition, when the illumination is not too bright.
  • The field is divided into two parts that for most positions of the analyser have different intensities, and the setting is effected by turning the analyser until both halves are equally dark.

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