Sentence Examples

  • As currency is inflated, prices rise.
  • I am not one of those who can be frightened by inflated bags of skin, nor need any one think to squeeze me like a fig.
  • Another genus has been described from the Pleistocene of Nebraska, as Paramylodon; it has only four pairs of teeth, and an elongate skull with an inflated muzzle.
  • The rafts used are the so-called kelleks, of wood supported on inflated skins, which are broken up at Bagdad, the wood sold and the skins carried back by caravan.
  • In the first war year (1914-5) exports fell to £182,000; they increased to £289,000 in 1916-7, fell to £144,000 the following year, but rose to the unprecedented figure of £51i,000 in 1918-9, a value due in part to inflated prices.