Sentence Examples

  • The Big Blo 1 Armchair, available for purchase from, offers gorgeous Chesterfield-style fashion, combined with the convenience, comfort, and outdoor-friendly use of an inflatable piece.
  • Pool The Pool is another good site to visit because here the toys are broken down into categories like that of Infant and Toddler Floats, Kids Play Toys and Inflatable Pool Tubes.
  • An inflatable ball for catch is a great pool game, and diving sticks thrown in the shallow or baby end of the pool are a great way to keep soon-to-be swimmers busy while their swimming skills advance.
  • Inflatable Bed with Side Table - One of the most inconvenient things about sleeping on an inflatable bed is that there's no place to put your alarm clock, glasses, book, and other necessities.
  • Waterpark: Nothing can be crazier than a day at the waterpark, and an inflatable waterslide, multiple sprinklers, and plenty of water toys can turn any backyard pool into a wild waterpark.