Sentence Examples

  • Whether you want to add a little luxury to your camping experience, decorate a dorm room affordably, or find some comfy and easy-to-store pieces to bring out at your next party, there are lots of reasons to try inflatable furniture.
  • The night it aired on Easter, the local minor league baseball team let us use their field and we had an eighteen foot inflatable screen and invited everyone who worked on the house to come out and watch it there.
  • With proper precautions and safe play, the Six Flags Banzai Falls water slide and related inflatable water slide models can provide hours of summer fun for all ages, even without a larger water park to visit..
  • For a truly functional design, look into the Bodacious Beach Blanket, a folded, padded blanket that offers a removable oversized towel, inflatable pillows and waterproof compartments for your personal items.
  • The Big Blo 1 Armchair, available for purchase from, offers gorgeous Chesterfield-style fashion, combined with the convenience, comfort, and outdoor-friendly use of an inflatable piece.