Sentence Examples

  • By the action of zinc methyl on ethyl borate, in the requisite proportions, boron trimethyl is obtained, thus :-2B(OC2H5)2+ 6Zn(CH 3) 2 =2B(CH 3) 3 +6Zn< OC2H5 as a colourless spontaneously inflammable gas of unbearable smell.
  • It is a colourless spontaneously inflammable liquid of boiling point 95° C. By the action of one molecule of ethyl borate on two molecules of zinc ethyl, the compound B(C2H5)2.002H5 diethylboron ethoxide is obtained as a colourless liquid boiling at 102° C. By the action of water it is converted into B(C2H5)2.
  • SULPHUR [[[symbol]] S, atomic weight 32.07 (0 = 16)], a non-metallic chemical element, known from very remote times and regarded by the alchemists, on account of its inflammable nature, as the principle of combustion; it is also known as brimstone.
  • The inflammable principle phlogiston, and another element- " water," " acid " or " earth."
  • ETHER, (C 2 H 5) 2 O, the Aether of pharmacy, a colourless, volatile, highly inflammable liquid, of specific gravity o 736 at 0°, boiling-point 35° C., and freezing-point 117 0.4 C. (K.

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