Sentence Examples

  • Follow all recommended safety precautions, being particularly careful to locate the appliance a safe distance away from any flammable substances and placing it out of paths of children and pets.
  • While real candles are a wonderful way to add ambiance to a room, there is also the potential hazard of having a naked flame in a room where there may be lots of people or flammable items.
  • Whether they're blowing out a handful of candles like the young Justin Bieber, or have a cake that's a little more flammable, all of these celebrities have a reason to celebrate in March.
  • The combination of the highly flammable nature of solvents and the fact that many are packaged as aerosols means that they are of a highly volatile nature and should be treated carefully.
  • Additionally, windy conditions add an element of danger to open fire cooking, as sparks can blow away to an area where there are flammable objects and cause dangerous and damaging fires.