Sentence Examples

  • With them rose half Britain, enraged, for other causes, at Roman rule.
  • Demeter, at first enraged, afterwards calmed down, and washed herself in the river Ladon by way of purification.
  • If Juvenal was banished at the age of eighty, the author of his banishment could not have been the " enraged actor " in reference to whom the original lines were written, as Paris was put to death in 83, and Juvenal was certainly writing satires long after loo.
  • She is said to have loved a young man named Dardanus, of Abydos, and, enraged at his neglect of her, to have put out his eyes while he was asleep. The gods, as a punishment for this, ordered her, by an oracle, to take the famous but rather mythical lover's leap from the Leucadian promontory (Photius, Cod.
  • Philo, who tells how any suggestion of appeal by the Jews to Tiberius enraged him, sums up their view of Pilate in Agrippa's words, as a man " inflexible, merciless, obstinate."