Sentence Examples

  • At least four species of fleas (including Pulex irritans) which infest the common rat are known to bite man, and are believed to be the active agents in the transmission of plague from rats to human beings.
  • His grandson, Niall (791-845), drove back the Vikings who in his time began to infest the coast of Donegal.
  • There are two classes of these Indian Fakirs, (1) the religious orders, and (2) the nomad rogues who infest the country.
  • The list of reptiles includes the venomous Vipera ammodytes and Pelias berus, while scorpions and lizards infest the stony wastes of the Karst.
  • With the exception of the genus Trichodectes, the various species of which are found on mammalia, all infest birds (as their English names implies) (see BIRDLousE).

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