Sentence Examples

  • The ruffed grouse (or "partridge") is the most common of game birds, but woodcock, ducks and geese are quite common.
  • He was, indeed, the first to show clearly the relationship of the heron-like birds with the Steganopodes; of storklike birds with the American vultures; the great difference between the latter and the other birds of prey; the connexion of the gulls and auks with the plovers, and that of the sand-grouse with the From Newton's FIG.
  • These are the snowy owl, Nyctea scandiaca, and the willow-grouse, Lagopus albus.
  • The diversity of jurisdiction and the spatial scale of management of grouse must be acknowledged when designing and implementing conservation programs.
  • A Welsh beacon for grouse Clean machines Game, set and point What does the NGO do for you?

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