Sentence Examples

  • Choices for your backsplash may include 12-inch marble or onyx tiles lit from behind, 6 x 12-inch glass tiles set in a running bond, or 18-inch metallic finish tiles that fill the space with only one vertical grout line every 18-inches.
  • Not only do they have fewer grout joints, and are vitrified to allow them to be butted together, porcelain tiles have virtually no maintenance at all, so once they are installed you can sit back and enjoy their beauty.
  • In bathrooms, installing and using an exhaust fan anytime you take a bath or shower also keeps humidity levels lower than mold likes it and will slow the growth of mold on tile and grout.
  • Another option for applying the mixture to the grout is to put on a pair of rubber gloves, dip a finger in the bowl and use it to spread the cleaner along the grout lines.
  • For people looking for a natural way of keeping tiled surfaces in the bathroom or kitchen looking pristine, cleaning grout with organic cleaners is an attractive option.