Sentence Examples

  • Because Sisko is regularly contacted by these aliens, he is unwillingly given the title of Emissary, a religious figurehead position he uncomfortably accepts.As the seasons progress, more information about the gamma quadrant is learned.
  • When the truth was discovered, a revolution in heaven occurred; God is now a doddering figurehead and another angel reigns.
  • She is the figurehead, relying on her popularity to aid in the marketing of the perfume.
  • The drum major is more than just a figurehead.
  • That the theory of the triple manifestation of the deity was indeed only a compromise between Brahmanical aspirations and popular worship, probably largely influenced by the traditional sanctity of the number three, is sufficiently clear from the fact that, whilst Brahma, the creator, and at the same time the very embodiment of Brahmanical class pride, has practically remained a mere figurehead in the actual worship of the people, Siva, on the other hand, so far from being merely the destroyer, is also the unmistakable representative of generative and reproductive power in nature.