Sentence Examples

  • He had to steer a middle course between the extremes represented by the Carbonari on the one hand and the Sanfedisti on the other, and he consistently refused to employ the cruel and inquisitorial methods in vogue under his successors.
  • The mean winter temperature for Sassari for1871-1900was 48° F., the mean summer temperature 73° F., while the mean of the extremes reached in each direction were 99° F.
  • For the same reason, together with its northern aspect, the climate is humid and temperate, unlike that of the inland regions, which are exposed to great extremes of heat in summer and cold in winter.
  • To the most southerly point of the island of Tierra del Fuego in 55° 2' 30" S., while its extremes of longitude are 53° 40' on the Brazilian frontier and 73° 17' 30" W.
  • From the Celts has been derived the gay, brilliant and adventurous temperament easily moved to extremes of er,thiisi~cm snd t-lenrpgcg-,n whwh combined with logical and organizing faculties of a high order, the heritage from the Latin domination, and with the industry, frugality and love of the soil natural in an agricultural people go to make up the national character.

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