Sentence Examples

  • Since the death of Mirabeau no one had appeared who could strike the happy mean and enforce his will on the extremes on either side.
  • At Elko, Elko county, in the N.E., the mean temperature for the year is 46° F.; for the winter (December, January and February) it is 26°, with extremes reported of 73° and - 42°; the mean temperature for the summer (June, July and August) is 69°, with extremes of 108° and 20°.
  • At Hawthorne, Esmeralda county, in the S.W., the mean temperature for the year is 54 0; for the winter it is 36°, with extremes of 69° and - 6°; the mean temperature for the summer is 72°, with extremes of 102° and 32°.
  • Flies seem capable of adapting themselves to extremes of cold equally as well as to those of heat, and species belonging to the order are almost invariably included in the collections brought back by members of Arctic expeditions.
  • The climate is generally such as to secure the population the necessaries of life without severe labour; the extremes of heat and drought are such as to render the land unsuitable for pasture, and the people everywhere subsist by cultivation of the soil or commerce, and live in settled villages or towns.

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