Sentence Examples

  • In other directions the polarization becomes less and less complete as we approach the vertical.
  • On the other hand, that the direction of complete polarization should be independent of the refracting power of the matter composing the cloud has been considered mysterious.
  • 1 On subtracting from this total the current of establishment of polarization d/dtl (f',g',h) as formulated above, there remains vd/dx(f',g',h) as the current of convection of polarization when the convection is taken for simplicity to be in the direction of the axis of x with velocity v.
  • It must be noticed, however, that the angle of maximum polarization would be about 76° instead of 90°.
  • So long as the particles are small no such vanishing of light in oblique directions is observed, and we are thus led to the conclusion that the hypothesis of a finite AN and of vibrations in the plane of polarization cannot be reconciled with the facts.

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