Sentence Examples

  • Such time as the officials could spare from the main object of enriching themselves by extortion and corruption was given up to endless official and religious ceremonies and to petty disputes of etiquette and precedence.
  • Hubert was accused, with some reason, of enriching himself at the expense of the crown, and of encouraging popular riots against the alien clerks for whom the papacy was providing at the expense of the English Church.
  • Four years respite, and these had been occupied in violent intrigues between the constable de Richemont i and the sire de la Trmoille, the young kings favorites, and solely desirous of enriching themselves at his expense.
  • Owing to their mental qualities, their tendencies and their resources, the bourgeoisie had been, if not alone, at least most apt in profiting by the development of industry, ly the extension of commerce, and by the formation of a new and mobile means of enriching themselves.
  • He had impoverished Carlisle, and in his new see, according to Burnet (who calls him "a sour ill-tempered man"), "minded chiefly the enriching of his family."

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