Sentence Examples

  • She is the personification of the earth suffering from drought, on which the fertilizing rain descends from heaven.
  • In the German mythology the army of darkness is led by Hel, the personification of twilight, sunk to the goddess who enchains the dead and terrifies the living, and Loki, originally the god of fire, but afterwards "looked upon as the father of the evil powers, who strips the goddess of earth of her adornments, who robs Thor of his fertilizing hammer, and causes the death of Balder the beneficent sun."
  • In this last division the ground slopes downwards from south-east to north-west (131 to 26 ft.) and is intersected by several fertilizing streams which flow in the same direction to join the Ysel.
  • Another indispensable feature of good bee-management is " forethought," coupled with order and neatness; the rule of where pollen (the fertilizing dust of flowers) is P (g)lentiful plentifu FIG.
  • As a goddess of fertilizing moisture, lakes, rivers, springs, and marshy lowlands are brought into close connexion with her.

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