Sentence Examples

  • Spermatheca or receptacle of the sperm in copulation, opening into the female duct.
  • In the breeding season the male deposits drops of sperm on a sheet of webbing, picks it up in these flasks by means of capillary attraction and carries it about until he falls in with a female.
  • - The scorpion is remarkable for having the specialized portion of coelom from the walls of which egg-cells or sperm-cells are developed according to sex, in the form of a simple but extensive network.
  • The sperm is removed by the male from the genital aperture into a special receptacle on the terminal segment P FIG.
  • In the first place, the continued study of human population has thrown additional light on some of the questions involved, whilst the progress of microscopical research has given us a clear foundation as to the structural facts connected with the origin of the egg-cell and sperm-cell and the process of fertilization.

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