Sentence Examples

  • The cetyl ester is spermaceti, and the myricyl ester is largely present in beeswax.
  • Lanolin, linseed oil, wax, spermaceti, &c., also belong to this group. The paraffins, glycerin and vaseline, although not fats, have much the same effect when applied externally, but they are not nutritive.
  • In the following two tables the "acids" and "alcohols" hitherto identified in waxes are enumerated in a classified order: - Alcohols Spermaceti consists practically of cetyl palmitate, Chinese wax of ceryl palmitate.
  • The liquid waxes occur in the blubber of the sperm whale, and in the head cavities of those whales which yield spermaceti; this latter is obtained by cooling the crude oil obtained from the head cavities.
  • Spermaceti is a comparatively unimportant article of commerce; and of Chinese wax small quantities only are imported, as the home consumption takes up the bulk of the wax for the manufacture of candles, polishes and sizes.

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