Sentence Examples

  • The cloaca is divided by transverse circular folds, which project from its inner walls, into three successive chambers.
  • The extraing to foot of rotifers; at, median blastoporic opening of antenna, united by a nerve to br, brain the cloaca leads us to a (letter omitted in B); bl, bladder, re ver y different view, which ceiving ramified kidney in B, C, D; finds negative support f, foot, and f.g, its cement-gland;.
  • Trophi virgate exsertile; germary paired; genito-urinary cloaca opening above the neck in the male, subapically in the female.
  • Gut blind (Paraseison), or opening into cloaca (Seison).
  • The urino-genital tubes arise from the posterior angles of the pericardium, pass first forwards, then backwards, and unite to open by a common opening into the cloaca below the anus except in A 8 C D FIG.

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