Sentence Examples

  • In color-printing, the colors, which are much the same as those in use in Europe, are mixed, with rice-paste as a medium, on the block for each operation, and the power of regulating the result given by this custom to an intelligent craftsman (who, again, is neither the artist nor the engraver) was productive in the best period of very beautiful and artistic effects, such as could never have been obtained by any mechanical device.
  • Corona, and the cathedral, and several pictures also in the picture gallery; while his son Benedetto had greater merits as an engraver than a painter.
  • PAUL REVERE (1735-1818), American engraver and patriot, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on the 1st of January 1735.
  • He became a proficient copper engraver, and engraved several anti-British caricatures in the years before the War of Independence.
  • Lasne, an engraver of Caen), represent him as a man of serious, almost of stern countenance, and this agrees well enough with such descriptions as we have of his appearance, and with the idea of him which we should form from his writings and conduct.

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