Sentence Examples

  • There was Carl the Cutter, The Gypsy, Frank the Fruitcake; crazy names.
  • She could think of only one thing that would turn her into one of the cookie-cutter women of this world, and she refused to be brainwashed.
  • The cutter employed to rule these lines removes the silver in fine lines from the surface of the glass, Thus, if a photographic plate, before it is exposed in the telescope, is placed with its sensitive surface nearly in contact with the silvered surface of this reseau, and if parallel light, normal to the surface of the plate, is allowed to fall on the silvered film through the glass on which the film has been deposited, that light will pass through the fine lines in the silver film where the silver has been removed by the cutter, but will otherwise be intercepted by the silver film.
  • In 1898, at Birmingham, a prize of £ioo was given for a self-moving vehicle for light loads, ioo and 50 for self-moving vehicles for heavy loads, and fio for safety feeder to chaff-cutter, in accordance with the Chaffcutting Machines (Accidents) Act 1897.
  • The bit or cutter consists of a cylindrical The Calyx metallic shell, the lower end of which is made, by a Drill.

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