Sentence Examples

  • Among the artists of early times it is often difficult to distinguish between the carver of wood and the caster of bronze.
  • He was at first pantler, then carver, titles which are misleading as to the nature of his services, which were those of a diplomatist; and in 1457 he became a member of the ducal council.
  • In 1766 the region was visited by the Connecticut traveller Jonathan Carver (1732-1780).
  • Upon the death of the first governor, John Carver, in the spring of 1621, the General Court chose William Bradford as his successor, and with him was chosen one assistant.
  • In 1778 Jonathan Carver published in London Travels throughout the Interior Parts of North America, in which, following the example of the Spaniards, he asserted that there was a great river on the western coast, although, so far as is known, no white man had then ever seen such a stream.