Sentence Examples

  • Gerdien has more recently repeated the experiments, employing an apparatus devised by him for the purpose.
  • The angle between two objects, such as stars or the opposite limbs of the sun, was measured by directing an arm furnished with fine " sights " (in the sense of the " sights " of a rifle) first upon one of the objects and then upon the other (q.v.), or by employing an instrument having two arms, each furnished with a pair of sights, and directing one pair of sights upon one object and the second pair upon the other.
  • But in OS measures index error can be eliminated by bisecting both stars with the same web (or different webs of known interval fixed on the same frame), and not employing the fixed web at all.
  • By employing both hands, operation (I) can be made as quickly as a single pointing with the ordinary spider-line micrometer, and operations (2) and (3) can be similarly performed in the time required for a single pointing.
  • Although some lurking errors impaired the authority of the concluded parallaxes this work ranks as a valuable contribution to astronomy, since it showed the possibility of employing photography in such delicate investigations.

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