Sentence Examples

  • In 803 and 810 he made a treaty with Charlemagne, by which the limits of the two empires were amicably fixed.
  • To the petty states this meant only a change of masters; they now became part of one of the largest empires of antiquity.
  • There was no attempt to overwhelm whole empires by pouring into them masses of troops, but commerce was combined with territorial acquisition, and a continuity of European interest secured by the presence of merchants and settlers.
  • But he had little success, and soon concluded a treaty by which both empires promised toleration to the worshippers of the two rival religions, Christianity and Zoroastrianism.
  • Sayce, The Ancient Empires of the East, Herodotus with introductions and appendices (1883; an attempt to prove the unveracity of Herodotus, especially in regard to the extent of his travels, which has found little support amongst more recent English or German writers); R.

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