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  • IZBARTA, or Sparta [anc. Baris], the chief town of the Hamid-abad sanjak of the Konia vilayet, in Asia Minor, well situated on the edge of a fertile plain at the foot of Aghlasun Dagh.
  • GHADAMES, GADAMES or Rhadames, a town in an oasis of the same name, in that part of the Sahara which forms part of the Turkish vilayet of Tripoli.
  • ERZINGAN, or Erzinjan (Arsinga of the middle ages), the chief town of a sanjak in the Erzerum vilayet of Asiatic Turkey.
  • Ioannina; Turk Yanid; also written Janina, Jannina, and, according to its Albanian pronunciation, Yanina), the capital of the vilayet of Iannina, Albania, European Turkey.
  • DENIZLI (anc. Laodicea ad Lycum), chief town of a sanjak of the Aidin vilayet of Asia Minor, altitude 1167 ft.

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