Sentence Examples

  • At a later period, however, a papyrus was cultivated in Sicily, which has been identified by Parlatore with the Syrian variety (Cyperus syriacus), far exceeding in height the Egyptian plant, and having a more drooping head.
  • The tail I should be high set on, the croup being continued in a straight line to the tail, and not falling away and drooping The Baron: (1842) Stockwell$ (1849) Pocahontas (1837) Echidna (1838) Glencoe (1831) Marpessa (1830) Whalebone* (1807) Peri (1822) { Bob Booty (1804) Flight (1809) Whisker* (1812) Economist (1825) Floranthe (18,8) Blacklock (1814) Miss Pratt (1825) tGadabout (1812) 'Selim (1802) Bacchante (1809) Tramp (1810 Trampoline (1825) Web (1808)) { Orville: (1799) Eleanor*t (1798) Marmion (,806) Harpalice (1814) Sir Hercules (1826) Birdcatcher: (1833) Don Quixote (1784) Evelina (1791) (Golumpus (1802) Daughter of (18,o) Walton (1799) Parasol (1800) Moses* (1819) Quadrille (1815) ?
  • The defective formation of the pony, the perpendicular shoulder and the drooping hind quarters, are modified; but neither the latter, nor bent hocks, which place the hind legs under the body as in the zebra, are objected to, as the conformation is favourable to rapid turning.
  • In addition to its long limbs, it is characterized by its Roman nose, large (but not drooping) ears, and the presence of a dewlap on the throat and chest.
  • It was in 111 B.C. that Lu-Po-Teh, general of the emperor Wuti, first made the island of Hainan subject to the Chinese, who divided it into the two prefectures, Tan-urh or Drooping Ear in the south, so-called from the long ears of the native "king," and Chu-yai or Pearl Shore in the north.

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