Sentence Examples

  • To create these looks takes a great deal of practice as well as heavy-hold hair products including hair wax and hair spray, though the products should not give hair a droopy, artificial look.
  • Symptoms include progressively constrained eye movements, droopy eye lids, muscle weakness, short stature, hearing loss, loss of coordination, heart problems, cognitive delays, and diabetes.
  • Bangs are essential, and if you have extremely curly hair, you'll probably end up using a hair dryer or straightner consistently in order to get the desired droopy effect.
  • A simple nylon cup will produce a droopy effect; molded cotton shapes your chest, while disguising nursing pads or any leakage at the same time.
  • However, ptosis is rarely related to the development of amblyopia, unless the droopy eyelid completely obscures the pupil.