Sentence Examples

  • He surpassed them both in the distinctness with which he saw results, and in the boldness with which he formulated and followed his conclusions.
  • The style is wearisome and prolix, attaining to precision at the expense of circumlocution, and setting forth the smallest particulars with the same distinctness as the main features of the narrative.
  • Two features stand out with special distinctness: the ex- Circula- change of water between the Red Sea and the Indian tion.
  • Provided the sense organ and the mind be healthy, provided an external object be really seen or heard, the presentation, in virtue of its clearness and distinctness, has the power to extort the assent which it always lies in our power to give or to withhold.
  • The condition of equilibrium is that this expression (which we may for the sake of distinctness call the potential energy) shall be a minimum.

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