Sentence Examples

  • They are placed at a distance apart less than the focal length of a, so that the wires of the micrometer, which must be distinctly seen, are beyond b.
  • In both these species the gills distinctly touch and grow on to the stem.
  • The polarization in a distinctly oblique direction, however, is not perfect, a feature for which more than one reas9n may be put forward.
  • There was a rustling among the crowd and it again subsided, so that Pierre distinctly heard the pleasantly human voice of the Emperor saying with emotion:
  • Both have fleshy caps, whitish, moist and clammy to the touch; instead of a pleasant odour, they have a disagreeable one; the stems are ringless, or nearly so; and the gills, which are palish-clay-brown, distinctly touch and grow on to the solid or pithy stem.

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