Sentence Examples

  • Arising at intermediate places, and as these will not usually lie exactl y on the direct line, deviations from straightness will be rendered necessary.
  • This coefficient is sometimes called the " angular coefficient," and may be regarded as a measure of the deviations from Boyle's law, 'which may be most simply expressed at moderate pressures by formulating the variation of the angular coefficient with temperature.
  • Further, the preliminary survey over the proposed route, necessary for deciding the length and types of cable required, can afford merely an approximation to the depth in which the cable actually lies, since accidents of wind and weather, or lack of observations for determining the position, cause deviations, often of considerable importance, from the proposed route.
  • Gassendi, with some deviations, follows Epicurus in his theory of the formation of the world.
  • Limit of the forests, which closely follows the coastline, with deviations towards the N.

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