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  • Above sea-level), Kirghiz-nor, Durga-nor and Kobdo-nor (3840 ft.), and traversed by various mountain ranges, of which the principal are the Tannu-ola, running roughly parallel with the Sayan mountains as far east as the Kosso-gol (boo - lob° E.
  • Durga, " the unapproachable," and Kali, " the black one," or, as some take it, the wife of Kala, " time," or death the great dissolver, viz.
  • In honour of the former, the Durga-puja is celebrated ' This notion not improbably took its origin in the mystic cos - mogonic hymn, Rigv.
  • 1396-1407 The Durga Devi famine in India, lasting twelve years.
  • ==Tiger== The tiger is associated with Siva and Durga, but its cult is confined to the wilder tribes; in Nepal the tiger festival is known as Bagh Jatra, and the worshippers dance disguised as tigers.

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