Sentence Examples

  • But the difficulties interposed by spherical and chromatic aberration had arrested progress in that direction until, in 1655, Huygens, working with his brother Constantijn, hit upon a new method of grinding and polishing lenses.
  • The indirect method is based upon the observed constant of aberration or the displacement of the stars due to the earth's motion.
  • Since then, two elaborate series of observations made with the zenith telescope for the purpose of determining the variation of latitude and the constant of aberration have been carried on by Professor C. L.
  • In addition to the doubt thrown on this result by the discrepancy between various determinations of the constant of aberration, it is sometimes doubted whether the latter constant necessarily expresses with entire precision the ratio of the velocity of the earth to the velocity of light.
  • In Bode's Jahrbuch (1776-1780) he discusses nutation, aberration of light, Saturn's rings and comets; in the Nova acta Helvetica (1787) he has a long paper "Sur le son des corps elastiques," in Bernoulli and Hindenburg's Magazin (1787-1788) he treats of the roots of equation and of parallel lines; and in Hindenburg's Archiv (1798-1799) he writes on optics and perspective.

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