Sentence Examples

  • Thus, in the end, Aristippus, the founder of ' the purest hedonism in the history of thought, comes very near not only to the Cynics, but to the more cultured hedonism of Epicurus and modern thinkers.
  • The extreme nominalism of some of the Cynics also, who denied the possibility of any but identical judgments, must be similarly regarded as a solvent of knowledge.
  • Like the Cynics and the Cyrenaics, Euclides started from the Socratic principle that virtue is knowledge.
  • See also Eleatic School; Cynics; Stoics; and, for the connexion between the Megarians and the Eretrians, Menedemus and Phaedo.
  • For his philosophy see Cynics, and for his pupils, Diogenes and Crates, see articles under these headings.

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