Sentence Examples

  • The cruises of the " Porcupine " and " Lightning," which led directly to the despatch of the " Challenger " expedition, were altogether within its " sphere of influence "; so also was the great Norwegian Atlantic expedition.
  • Agassiz, Three Cruises of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Steamer " Blake " ...
  • - These cover all cruises of sea-going ships, even when they did not go far from the coast.
  • - Sir C. Wyville Thomson, The Depths of the Sea (cruises of " Porcupine " and " Lightning ") (London, 1873); The Atlantic (cruise of " Challenger ") (London, 1877); Die Forschungsreise S.M.S.
  • The natives of the coasts of Borneo, assisted and stimulated by immigrants from the neighbouring islands to the north, devoted themselves more and more to organized piracy, and putting to sea in great fleets manned by two and three thousand men on cruises that lasted for two and even three years, they terrorized the neighbouring seas and rendered the trade of civilized nations almost impossible for a prolonged period.