Sentence Examples

  • The cruises of the " Porcupine " and " Lightning," which led directly to the despatch of the " Challenger " expedition, were altogether within its " sphere of influence "; so also was the great Norwegian Atlantic expedition.
  • The received a great impetus from the enthusiasm of the great Amerieastern part of the North Atlantic has been the scene of many can oceanographer Captain Matthew Fontaine Maury, U.S.N., expeditions, often purely biological in their purpose, amongst who directed the whole impetuous strength of his character to which there may be mentioned the cruises of the " Travailleur " the task of compelling the silent depths of the ocean to tell their and " Talisman " under Professor Milne-Edwards in 1880-1883, tale.
  • - Sir C. Wyville Thomson, The Depths of the Sea (cruises of " Porcupine " and " Lightning ") (London, 1873); The Atlantic (cruise of " Challenger ") (London, 1877); Die Forschungsreise S.M.S.
  • Agassiz, Three Cruises of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Steamer " Blake " ...
  • - These cover all cruises of sea-going ships, even when they did not go far from the coast.