Sentence Examples

  • On the 16th of August he had an encounter off Plymouth with Ayscue, whom he worsted, and then cruised at the Land's End.
  • He cruised off Messina to intercept the supplies which were being brought to the French garrison by a fleet of 20 sail under the command of Abraham Duquesne.
  • 30 he had sighted the lofty ranges of the Andes, and the " Prinz Eitel Friedrich," an armed merchantman, had been sent into Valparaiso to coal, while the squadron cruised at slow speed out of sight of the port.
  • Soon afterwards he was transferred to the navy and cruised in the West Indies, until, when blockaded by a British cruiser, he left his ship and travelled through the United States.
  • In 1760 Savva Loshkin cruised along the E.