Sentence Examples

  • The coterie of ice climbers was beginning to gather on the front porch.
  • In this little coterie the ants are beyond question the models towards which the bug and the grasshopper have converged in appearance.
  • A tariff bill introduced in the House by William Lyne Wilson (1843-1900), of West Virginia, chairman of the Committee of Ways and Means, was so amended in the Senate, through the instrumentality of Senator Arthur Pue Gorman and a coterie of anti-administration democratic senators, that when the bill eventually came before him, although unwilling to veto it, the president signified his dissatisfaction with its too high rates by allowing it to become a law without his signature.
  • A letter written to him by Colonel Lewis Nicola, on behalf of this coterie, detailed the weakness of a republican form of government as they had experienced it, their desire for "mixed government," with him at its head, and their belief that "the title of king" would be objectionable to but few and of material advantage to the country.
  • Between 1880 and 1890 an artistic coterie grew up here, the leaders of which were Edwin Harris, Walter Langley, Fred Hall, Frank Bramley, T.