Sentence Examples

  • Katie glanced towards her, surprised by the question from someone who barely seemed able to cope with the fact she was probably dead.
  • He directed most of his remarks to the sadness of those left to cope with "this untimely misfortune."
  • The common law as it existed before his time was wholly inadequate to cope with the new cases and customs which arose with the increasing development of commerce.
  • In conformity with this determination the various state legislatures enacted new laws or amended the existing laws to cope with the difficulty; these remained until they were in effect superseded by Commonwealth legislation.
  • They consist of a number of circular or rectangular pits sunk from the cap of a hill, and going down to a depth of in some cases as much as 120 ft., until in fact the miners have been stopped by being unable to cope with the quantity of water made when the level of the valley was reached.

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