Sentence Examples

  • Bonnier has drawn attention to the fact that the mistletoe in its turn, remaining green in the winter, contributes food material to its host when the latter has lost its leaves.
  • (d) The hypophloeodal thallus is often concealed beneath the bark of trees (as in some Verrucariae and Arthoniae), or enters into the fibres of wood (as in Xylographa and After Bonnier, from v.
  • Bonnier, " Recherches sur la synthbse des lichens," Ann.
  • (Isopoda), Sars (1896-1899), while their multitude precludes specification of important contributions by Benedict, Bovallius, Chilton, Dohrn, Dollfus, Fraisse, Giard and Bonnier, Harger, Haswell, Kossmann, Miers, M`Murrich, Norman, Harriet Richardson, Ohlin, Studer, G.
  • ANGE ELISABETH LOUIS ANTOINE BONNIER (1749-1799), French diplomatist, was a member of the Legislative Assembly and of the Convention, where he voted with the majority.