Sentence Examples

  • Tnis duct (Laurer's canal) is sometimes rudimentary and ends blindly beneath the skin.
  • Their part henceforth was to vote blindly with the Conservative groups, in a common fear of the Social Democracy, or to indulge in protests, futile because backed by no power inside or outside the parliament; their impotence was equally revealed when in December 1902 they voted with the Agrarians for the tariff, and in May 1909 when they withdrew in dudgeon from the new tariff committee, and allowed the reactionary elements a free hand.
  • These hollow roots terminate blindly in the dorsal epidermis of the collar, and place the nervous layer of the latter in direct connexion with the fibres of the nerve-tube.
  • That path, however, was not destined to end blindly in a "middle age."
  • Each of these contains a single blindly a, Oesophageal (ventral) mesentery.

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