60+ Examples of Love Idioms: Expressions to Adore

Updated August 6, 2021
love idiom examples with hearts
    love idiom examples with hearts
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Love is a universal theme that appears in nearly every written work in human history. Although every story is different, the way that writers convey the emotions around love is often the same. Take a look at some examples of love idioms that appear in stories, novels, poems, songs, and everyday conversations.

Romantic Idioms

There are so many idioms about the beginning of a relationship, the most famous one being "falling in love." We use these romantic idioms so much that we forget that they're not literal! Check out a collection of idioms about falling in love, as well as what they mean.

  • A match made in heaven - people who are perfectly suited for one another and will likely be together forever.
  • Being in love - People having mutual feelings of love for each other.
  • Being lovey-dovey - A couple is flirting, hugging and kissing in front of others.
  • Crazy in love - Being so much in love that you don't feel like yourself.
  • Have a crush - To be attracted to someone who may or may not feel the same way.
  • Head over heels in love - So in love it's like your whole world is turned upside down.
  • Fancy someone - To be attracted to someone.
  • I love you to death - I love you more than life itself.
  • I think you hung the moon - I admire you and think you're wonderful.
  • It must be puppy love - Young love, or love that’s only temporary, more like infatuation.
  • Love at first sight - As soon as they met, they felt a pull toward one another.
  • Love conquers all - No problem can defeat the power of love.
  • Love is blind - When you’re in love you don’t notice your partner’s faults.
  • She has the hots for him - It may not be love, but she's very attracted to him.
  • Whisper sweet nothings - To speak to someone very flirtatiously.
  • You take my breath away - You amaze me.
  • You're the apple of my eye - I adore you.
love idioms examples with couple on swing
    love idioms examples with couple on swing
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Heart Idioms

Just like Valentine's Day decorations and romantic cards, most love idioms involve the image of hearts. Keep reading for a variety of common heart idioms.

  • A heart of gold - A sincerely kind and generous person.
  • Eat your heart out - Making someone feel jealous by looking very attractive in front of them.
  • Find it in your heart - Appealing to someone's emotions to ask them to do something.
  • Follow your heart - To act based on how you feel.
  • From the bottom of my heart - Genuinely, and in all honesty.
  • Having a heart-to-heart - Having a very honest conversation.
  • I love you with all my heart - My love for you is total and complete.
  • In a heartbeat - Immediately, very quickly.
  • Tugging at your heartstrings - Making you feel guilty or sympathetic.
  • Wear your heart on your sleeve - Openly show your emotions with no qualms.

Relationship Idioms

Once the early days of being in love are over, it's time to learn how to start your lives together. Read through these idioms about relationships and dating for the next phase of love.

  • Blind date - Going on a date with someone that you've never met before.
  • Carrying a torch - Still having romantic feelings for someone you're no longer with.
  • Hit a rough patch - Face a tough time in a relationship, but one that won't last forever.
  • Joined at the hip - They like being together all the time.
  • Kiss and make up - Become friendly again after an argument.
  • Main squeeze - The only person you're dating.
  • May-December - A relationship with a large age difference between the partners.
  • Mr. Right/Ms. Right - The ideal person for a relationship.
  • Old flame - Someone you used to be in a relationship with.
  • Say those three little words - You need to hear someone say, "I love you."
  • The love of my life - The person I have loved most.
  • Their relationship is on the rocks - They might break up.
  • They're an item - They're in an exclusive relationship.
  • We hit it off - We connected well after meeting and are starting a relationship.

Wedding and Marriage Idioms

Did he pop the question? Is she getting cold feet? Clear up any misunderstandings before the big day with these idioms about weddings and marriage.

  • A shotgun wedding - A wedding that was arranged quickly because the woman is pregnant.
  • Asking for someone's hand - Proposing marriage to someone.
  • Ball and chain - A joking term for someone you're married to.
  • He popped the question! - He proposed marriage!
  • Get down on one knee - Asking someone to marry you.
  • Getting cold feet - Changing your mind about marrying someone before the wedding day.
  • Leave at the altar - Break up with someone before the wedding.
  • Let's get hitched! - Let's get married!
  • Making an honest man/woman out of me - Marrying me.
  • My better half - The person I'm married to.
  • Ready to tie the knot - Ready to get married.
  • Saying "I do" - Getting married.
  • The big day - The wedding day.
  • To settle down with someone - to commit and/or get married to someone.
  • To take the plunge - Committing to someone in marriage (or making another commitment to something).
  • Walk down the aisle - To get married.
love idioms examples with bride and groom
    love idiom examples with bride and groom
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Other Love Idioms

Many idioms that include the word "love" aren't actually very romantic. Check out a list of idioms about love that are based on the word "love" without being loving.

  • A face only a mother could love - Someone who isn't very attractive.
  • A labor of love - A difficult task that one performed out of love.
  • For the love of God (or something else) - Consider what I'm saying (usually said in frustration).
  • For the love of the game - To play or do something just because you love it.
  • Getting dumped - A romantic partner ends the relationship before you're ready.
  • He'll love you and leave you - He'll only spend a short time with you before ending the relationship.
  • Love-bombing - Providing endless compliments and praise to someone to the point of discomfort.
  • Someone up there loves me - God is looking out for me ( I'm so lucky)
  • There's no love lost between us - We don't like each other.
  • Tough love - Showing someone you care by drawing strict limits with them.
  • Unrequited love - Love that isn't shared by another person.
  • You love the sound of your own voice - You talk a lot and don't listen to others.

Blinded by Love

Love is something we can all relate to and is a dominant force in our lives. It seems only fair we'd have a multitude of ways to express it. Fall in love with love all over again with these examples of love poems. Or, if you're trying to express your love in another way, learn how to say "I love you" in 20 languages. To be more specific, like if you're speaking directly to a woman, you might want to try out a few love quotes for her.